Ursula November 19th, 2020

I did not have the pleasure of working with Andy closely on a project, sadly, however I often sat near to him in the office (in NBH) and could not help but notice how very calm and knowledgeable he was. Andy was so helpful in giving advice or assistance when I was unsure about something (being newer to working with this particular team), and I could tell he was a really kind and decent person. I also saw his posts about his dogs on the 'pets' Slack channel and I often put a 'like' on his '#FridayPuppyFix' post as it showed the most lovely, cute pictures of his dogs on amazing walks & rambles in beautiful looking countryside. It looked just idyllic :-) All my love and sympathy to his wife, family and the dogs who must miss him hugely. Warmest wishes Ursula (CPW News team)