Elections tech

Created by Julia 2 years ago

I’ve been lucky to work with Andy over the last few years on election systems technology and contracts. He approached the often-protracted and sometimes-fraught BBC processes with incredible positivity and stoicism. I’m not from a technical background and Andy was always at the end of a phone or would pop by in the office to explain to me yet another technical nuance or contract clause that I struggled to get my head around. His prodigious use of ‘real life examples’ to further my understanding usually involved something around cats or dogs which always made me smile.

After Andy and I had been bogged down in technicalities, detailed specifics, and back-and-forths for months, he then showed up at our election results area on election day with a big box of chocs for my team to share whilst we worked through the night. So kind, so thoughtful.

The BBC has benefitted from his wisdom, upbeat nature, and insights. I keep thinking of questions I need to ask him. Andy is greatly missed. 

Julia Walker