Memories of Dog Walks, ‘Queen’ and Rubik's cubes

Created by Helen 2 years ago

I, and all my family, were so sad to hear about Andy’s untimely death. To hear of his passing was  a great shock and it is so difficult to think of his Wife Sara (who I have sadly never met)  and his Mum Margaret and Brother Ian who I did know many, many moons ago.  

I hope it is ok for me to share some memories here on behalf of my family and  also others who were friends with Andy at school and who I have been in touch with since hearing the news. We all send our sincerest condolences.

Andy was a dear friend through teenage years at Stapylton School. I spent a lot of time with Andy walking his neighbours rather old and cantankerous black Labrador “Mutley.”  Mutley was not only rather overweight but also a very slow dog to walk due to his desire to ‘visit’ every lamppost en route.  Andy, ever patient, would ensure he got the exercise he needed every day no matter what the weather threw at him or how long it took.

We were walking Mutley with my young dog “Trouble” after school one evening when she ran out into the road and was hit by a car and killed outright. I was about fifteen at the time, in shock and panic and we were a good couple of miles walk from home. Andy picked up “Trouble” (who was not a small dog) and carried her carefully home for me, somehow keeping me calm and focussed on that dreadful walk. He helped me tell my family what had happened and we will never forgot his kindness and thoughtfulness on that day and on may other occasions.

Others remember Andy’s love of the Rubik’s cube and “Dungeons and Dragons.”  His ability to focus on a challenge to find a solution seems to have continued to play a big role in his subsequent career and his patience and encouragement of others, a continuing thread.

From reading other Tributes it is very clear that Andy became the man that he promised to be way back then – kind, patient, caring and honest.

Finally, Andy gifted me something I have always cherished, and that it my love of “Queen.”    In tribute Andy  I  leave the last word to them ….

“A hand above the water
An angel reaching for the sky
Is it raining in heaven
Do you want us to cry?
And everywhere the broken-hearted
On every lonely avenue
No-one could reach them
No-one but you”

From "No One But You (Only the Good Die Young"
Songwriter - Brian May


From Helen Davison and the Davison Family and friends from Stapylton School